UWIPOM2 publications are listed next:

Scientific Articles:

  • Juan A. Martínez Rojas; José L. Fernández; Rocío Sánchez Montero; Pablo Luis López Espí; Efren Diez-Jimenez, (2021) Model-Based Systems Engineering Applied to Trade-Off Analysis of Wireless Power Transfer Technologies for Implanted Biomedical Microdevices, Sensors, Vol 21, 9, pp 3201, DOI: 10.3390/s21093201 LINK HERE

Scientific Conferences:

  • Villalba-Alumbreros G., Morón-Alguacil C. and Fernández-Muñoz M., Valiente-Blanco I., Díez-Jiménez E. Towards advanced micro magneto-mechanical components, Conference of the Condensed Matter Division of the European Physical Society and of the Spanish Royal Physics Society - CMD2020GEFES, August 31st - September 4th 2020,Madrid (on-line), Spain. LINK HERE
  • J. Soler-Morala, C. Navío1, L. Zha, J. Yang, A. Bollero, Understanding the initial growth stages in NdFeB films: epitaxial films prepared by Molecular Beam Epitaxy with varying buffer underlayers, Annual Meeting CEMAG + Meeting Spanish Chapter IEEE Magnetics Society Nov 10-11th 2020, Girona (and online), Spain LINK HERE
  • Soler-Morala J., Navío C., Zha L., Yang J., Bollero A. "Epitaxial NdFeB films grown by molecular beam epitaxy with an Fe or V underlayer",European School on Magnetism, 6-17th September 2021, Cluj-Napoca,Romania.LINK HERE

Industrial fairs:

  • Flanagan A. and Fawdry M., Micromotors for Medical Device Robotics (2020) Global Technology Virtual Expo, Boston Scientific internal Exposition.
  • MedtecLIVE, THE event for the production of medical technology, (2020), 30th June – 2nd July, 2020, Nürmberg (on-line), Germany, coordinator participates as visitor. LINK HERE


Patent applications:

Efrén Díez Jiménez, Ignacio Valiente-Blanco et al., (2021) Miniaturized electromagnetic rotary actuator, EP21382782.7, Priority date: 26/08/2021

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