UWIPOM2´s teams met in a virtual meeting last 23st of September, 2020. The research continues and following the recommendation for this still pandemic situation, the team met on a virtual meeting platform.  

All the teams shared with the rest of the group their progress and discussed about the direction that the research will take from here on.  Even though the situation caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 affected our teams workflow we are resuming  productivity .

Also the situation got better in China so its easier to get  rare-earth raw materials than some moths ago when chinesee factories were locked down.

In this meeting the project coordinator did a general status update of the project and also spoke about  the detailed design of thermo-electric simulations and microwinding trials 

IMDEA team shared the developement of task 1.2,the main challenges for stator par electroplating trials theyy had and the progress and results with thick micromagnets

AHS team, who was in charge of the rectenna showed their design and simulations

WUT team updated their progress and results of their ultrahigh-hardness and coatings which are going to be very important for the durability of the device.

BSC team shared the Human exposure limits which are trivia to have in mindl for the rest of the teams in order to keep developing UWIPOM2

UAH team explained their control circuit design and simulations, also the project manager mentioned some other burocratic issues the rest of the groups must know and determined next objectives and actions to take.

In next weeks, individual team meetings will be held with the project coordinator in order to focus more on each team matter. 


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