UWIPOM2 development is getting closer to a reality day to day. Little by little we are managing to microfabricate the tiny elements that make up UWIPOM2 technology. 

In this stage of the research we began to have the need to join these components that, due to the microscale with which we are working, it is not always possible to join them mechanically, fitting them together.

So here comes into play Investigating not only with different types of glue,but also figuring out how to micro-work with them precisely. 

Harden of glue depends on highly variable factors such as the temperature and humidity present in the room where they are being used. 

But the biggest disadvantage that we have found, in addition to the need for special equipment for its micro-application is this mentioned hardening time. Since, if we use a slow glue we have to leave the pieces occupying the station for too long and if we use a fast one, sometimes we will not be able to apply it in time. 

We could think that the solution is an intermediate glue, not too fast, not too slow, but the reality is that the time it takes to apply it is also variable so this is not a solution. 

Finally, in the face of this need, our great savior has been UV resin. Since we can work with it as long as we need and harden it quickly when we are done applying some seconds of this UV light.