All the teams showed the progress of their task and the research continues.

UWIPOM2´s teams met in a virtual meeting last 2nd of April, 2020. Given the impossibility of making a personal meeting, the team met on a virtual meeting platform.  

All the teams shared with the rest of the group their progress and discussed about the direction that the research will take from here on.  The situation caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 has affected our teams workflow. All partners are forced to work from home. Those partners working in design and reports can continue their works. However, those partners who were performing experimental tasks can not continue working in proper conditions.

Some new materials were proposed for their use in-vivo environments. Coordinator explained that first deliverables 1.1 and 4.1 were submitted to the commission.

Preliminary design task is affected by the pandemic since some preliminary manufacturing test are required to feed back the design. Those tests can not be done with the facilities closed. So, this task has some delay, estimated in around 1 month and a half.

IMDEA team showed their work on magnetic systems. This task has been severely affected from the beginning since rare-earth raw material mostly comes from China. Anyhow, IMDEA have managed to perform some initial experiments, to set-up some of the equipment and to creatively obtain some needed supplies. 

The progress and results of the design of the wireless powering system done by AHS and UAH was presented. As this task is still in design phase, it has not been severely affected by the pandemic situation.

The first results of the mechanical parts done by our WUT team were also exposed. This team is also affected by the pandemia since WUT facilities were closed a month earlier than Spanish facilities.

Our Boston Scientific´s team is working on IP management. The project coordinator will review the work on novelty assessment and inform the rest of the partners for next procedures.

Possible solutions to the different found problems were discussed among all teams.

In next weeks, individual team meetings will be held with the project coordinator in order to focus more on each team matter. Research continues working on the tasks from home, eagering to rejoin more powerfullly than ever.