After some adjustments of the micro-winding station and some improvement of the technique, the semiautomatic winding of micro coils is getting faster and more uniform. We are using 0.1mm stainless Steel core pin and 0.025 mm self bonding copper wire but smaller diameters could be used. 

The most important point is that we have improved the vision of the system by getting a better microscope and also a tensiometer which allows an homogeneous tension and adhesion during the micro-winding process. We have also reduced the risk of damaging the wire when reversing the winding. Now that we can see better, we are able to place the wire on the previous layer to make the first turn in a backward direction without having to cut the pin. 

This advance has meant the following improvements: we can control exactly the amount of turns we are giving.  Being able to mount the regressive turn without having to cut the core, which means one less step in the manufacturing process and greater performance. The tensiometer provides a uniform tension which avoids breakage of the wire due to over-tension. 

To sum up, micro coil winding semiautomatic system is getting better and better and this will help a lot during the assembly of the prototypes.