The development of uwipom continues and with it the development of each of the microparts that compose it.

One of our teams from Universidad de Alcalá is working on the development of the microcoils that are part of the UWIPOM2 micromotor. We are testing different micro-winding configurations, improving the workstation as our team faces new problems.

Our biggest problems found and already solved have been:

-The difficulty of maintaining the tension in the coil when winding so that it remains compact and does not move in the winding process. We have solved this by using a copper wire with a self-bonding treatment that is activated with heat during the winding process and keeps the loops in place while working with them.

-The need for more hands in such a small space has been solved with the implementation of pedals as controls for the winding device.

So far we have managed to make quadrilayer coils of about 30 turns of copper for preliminary field tests, conductivity and durability. Which means a coil of about 600 microns long and about 260 microns in diameter. For these tests our team is winding around a 100 micron flexible metal pin as a core and a 20 micron thick copper wire.

We have verified that conductivity occurs and we are currently preparing to do the rest of the relevant tests.

Currently our biggest problems and next points to improve are:

-The difficulty of vision when making the windings: since with the microscope that we are using we do not have enough accuracy to be able to wind at this microscale without skipping steps back on the previous layer. This makes the outer layer more messy as layers are added. Improving this point we will achieve more perfect and equal coils, which will facilitate the replication process in the future.

-The difficulty of making the first turn in a regressive direction: the wire tends to continue winding in the same direction by physics and it is difficult to change its direction without damaging the cable which, we must remember, is 20 microns thin and therefore very easy to deteriorate.