The development of UWIPOM2´s micro bearings continues. Getting to devise, test and choose the right materials for microbearing to have a long useful life is already a challenge.
After drawing conclusions from our simulations, we faced the challenge posed by the characteristic microsize of UWIPOM2 technology when it comes to micro-fabrication.

Getting to manipulate the micro balls has been one of our biggest concerns for this task. They are very small and slippery, they only have a diameter of 23-28 µm.

UAH team has been working in a precise system based on XYZ lineal stages with which balls can be picked from a substrate and taken into another surface. We are now not only able to move them but also place them in an ordered and precise manner.

We are so happy of this achievement because it means a step closer into the sanitary revolution that can mean this project.

You can see a running demo of this system HERE.