Our teams are always looking to make this technology safe and suitable for performing inside human bodies.

After performing air-environment current density capacity tests of UWIPOM2 micro-coils, in order to verify its safety use limits, we are going a step further and this time we have performed the same tests in Simulated Body Fluid (SBF).


SBF is a fluid that taken to 36ºC temperature recreates human bodies composition and PH. So this allows testing this technology in this early stage, without the need for any volunteers.

We prepared this body fluid following the formula given in the following paper: LINK TO PAPER 


We had to buy and carefully mix every single component one by one in order to get this fluid prepared.

Previously to the test, we isolated the pads where the coils were welded and ready to test, with a little amount of silicon in order to avoid short circuits and false results.

After that, we performed the same test at a controlled temperature of 36ºC ±1ºC. 

As result, we could see that little bubbles appear as current density increases and coil heats. We rule this as normal since the temperature of 0.5L of fluid does not vary. It is also noticeable a convection flux of the fluid nearby the coil.

You can enjoy this process on the following video:  LINK TO VIDEO