UWIPOM2´s teams met in a virtual meeting last 23st of April, 2021. The research continues and following the recommendation for this still pandemic situation, the team met on a virtual meeting platform.

We all are sorry about the sudden death of Mr. Jacek Rudnicki by COVID from WUT team. The team of UWIPOM2 presents their condolences to all their colleagues and family, Rest In Peace.

Most of the teams could resume their research activity which was depleted during the hardest months of the current situation caused by the coronavirus COVID-19.

The development of GHz Wireless Power transmission and antenna tests carried out by AHS showed good behaviour and good agreement between models and reality. Adittionally, UAH presented the results of helical antennas tested between muscle tissue and between fat tissue.

WUT and UAH teams presented their respective bearing designs and results for the ultrahigh-hardness and coatings.

UAH team also shared the progress on the microassembly and microbonding systems. As well presented the work made on commercial magnets grinding and machining trials. Nice results were shown but tolerances and repeatability are not good enough for UWIPOM2´s application case. This team also shared coils and current vs temperature tests of UWIPOM2´s microcoils.

IMDEA team presented the progress on thin film growth. Results of bonded magnets filling procedures were very good. This team also explained the experience they had manufacturing the magnetic parts of the stator by using FIB, molds fabrication and electroplating.

BSL reminded a list of the mechanical requirements for different tools currently available at Boston Scientific. These requirements may guide future automatic tools developments.

UWIPOM2 ´s project coordinator updated the situation of the done manufacturing trials and highlighted critical issues found on the design. Redesign shall be done considering new manufacturing possibilities.

Even though we need to improve some results in some areas of the research we also got very good results in other ones ,and, what is more important, we have learn a lot through this journey and our plan is to take advantage of it, so we feel so close of getting something spectacular.